The price of a translation depends on the number of lines. One standart line corresponds to 55 strokes, including spaces. Depending on the text size and the level of difficulty, a fee-per-hour basis is also possible. There are three levels of difficulty:


  • Easy: General texts with no technical vocabulary. These texts can be understood by the general public.
  • Intermediate: Texts that feature technical vocabulary to some extent.
  • Advanced: Specialist texts from the industry (engineering, medical, legal) that feature a high amount of technical vocabulary and expressions.

 To receive a non-binding offer, you have the following options:


  • Email: Send the scanned documents to
    Please ensure that the texts are readable.
  • Mail the documents per post to:
    Hannes Krehan, Lutherstraße 92, 07743, Jena.
  • Telephone: You may also call 0160/7742811 and ask for a meeting to
    hand in the documents personally.




Interpreting for authorities  or business conferences are billed by the hour, including

the time necessary for preparation as well as travelling expenses to the destination.

To set a meeting for interpretation and to discuss the details, feel free to call me on phone or send a message.